The Ngystle Society’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of community members by providing holistic programs and services which address their cultural, spiritual, psychological and physical needs.

Ngystle encourages and supports community members to take responsibility for their own growth and healing and to become active leaders and role models in their communities.

Ngystle means Healing in the Haida language.

Skidegate beach

Ocean healing place

Haida Gwaii

Otherwise known as the “Edge of the World,” the island of Haida Gwaii is a unique and powerful place. Located in the north Pacific on a tectonic convergence, the energy of the islands brings many healers and artists.

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Residential School Legacy

Funded by the Aboriginal Healing Foundation from 1999 to 2010, Ngystle developed its programing based on the needs of local residential school survivors. Now a registered charity since 2010, our operations have continued through volunteer efforts, fundraising and partnerships. We currently have one staff member and a board of ten Haida and non-Haida women elders.


At the Ngystle Society, elders mentor youth in traditional artistic practices such as drum making and cedar hat weaving. Partnering with local traditional healers, we have helped organize fire circles and drumming ceremonies. Personal growth workshops are offered with a focus on empowerment and leadership. We host weekly meditation groups and have an extensive library of resources on spirituality, personal growth, and wellness. Crystal energy healing is available at Ngystle in the form of two Amethyst Bio-Mats and Trinfinity8 programs.

Contact Ngystle Society

email: ngystle@haidagwaii.net     phone: (250) 559-4114

162 2nd Ave, Skidegate BC, V0T 1S1