Fractals of God



Rinnovo Press Presents:

Fractals of God

The adventure that led to the Trinfinity8 technology






A Psychologist’s Near-Death Experience and Journeys into the Mystical  

Kathy Pic Nov 2013_0

Form one woman’s near-death experience, comes an astounding story that explores the depths of man’s beginnings and the very blueprint of creation. In Fractals of God, clinical psychologist, Kathy Forti, shares how in 2003 her heart stopped and she was helped to return to Earth by multi-dimensional beings of light whose goals is to bring healing to our world.

With this new guidance, she journeyed into the realm of physics an sacred geometry, and learned how key mathematical information affects the consciousness of the cells. Dr. Forti’s mystical experiences will forever alter your concepts about life, healing, and man’s true potential for evolutionary change.
This revealing and insightful story speaks to the very essence of our soul’s purpose – to find a greater connection to the God Source in all living things.

“Fractals of God is a treasure story, not just about what happened to Kathy, but what she found waiting for her–inside her own soul…” – P.M.H. Atwater, author of Near Death Experiences: The Rest of the Story

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