Ngystle Society Services



Trinfinity8 offers 72 different Rejuvenation programs:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Energy Restoration
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Skin & Hair Rejuvenation
  • Face & BeautyWeight
  • ManagementBody Sculpting


Amethyst bio mat

The Amethyst Bio Mat is a FDA approved negative ion and for infrared ray therapeutic treatment system. Designed by scientists, engineers and medical professionals, it uses a unique combination of three bio-compatible energy therapies: far Infrared, negative ion, and amethyst crystals. A great form of self-care!



basketWorkshops – Many workshops have been held at Ngystle including:

  • Cedar weaving
  • Drum making
  • Haida Art drawing courses
  • Personal growth workshops



Library – Books on a range of topics are available for sign-out:

  • Native Culture / Artlibrary
  • Religious
  • Energy Healing
  • Philosophy
  • Self Help
  • Workbooks
  • Biography
  • Physical Health
  • Creativity
  • Women’s Health
  • Children – Youth
  • Novels
  • Physic

Ngystle Society     email: ngystle@haidagwaii.net     phone: (250) 559-4114

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